Where did romance go?

Hello again!

Recently I found myself watching an episode of Sex in the City. Carrie went on to bring up the question have we become romance-intolerant?? The question is have we?

It seems that gone are the days when doors were opened, flowers were sent, dates were made, etc etc. The hopelessly romantic side in me wonders why is that the case?

We live in a time were texts has replaced a phone call, virtual flowers has replaced real flowers, staying home has replaced a night out. What happened to date nights? A good old-fashioned card whether given in person or sent in the mail barely happens. I remember a time when receiving a card or letter was a real treat. It meant that the person actually took the time to write something rather than sending what at times can be a very impersonal text. It’s more common today to see a conversation taking place with people having their eyes into their phones. Where did talking (I mean deep personal talking) go??

Now I am not by any means saying that everyone has fallen into this category because chivalry still exists among a few but why does it only have to be a few? And, yes, it needs to take place among two people in a relationship, not just one. It goes back to my page title, we live in a MEME world! Perhaps, why we don’t see chivalry as much.

It should be a new hashtag, #bringbackchivalry!

The hopelessly romantic in me will keep looking for it