Hello again!

I wanted to write about the recent event that took place in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico September 20th. It left just about the whole island without power. She took houses, lives, trees, bridges, etc.

Many have argued well Puerto Ricans are not U.S. citizens. Some will say they deserve nothing. Some will say they deserved what they got.

While I will not make this a post about politics or race, I will say that regardless of the two they are still people. They are part of mankind or humankind, whatever you’d prefer. Which ever you choose in both words exists the word “kind”. Something that sad to say barely exists. I chose love as my title because if love and kindness existed more maybe today would be a better place.

For me it is from Puerto Rico that I came into existence. My parents are from there. I still have lots of family there and while they really didn’t lose too much materially emotionally and mentally they lost a lot.

I was there just about a year ago and while my memories are beautiful sad to say they may just be that memories. I do not know the extent of the damage done to some of the places I’ve been but below you will find some pictures of my sights as I remember them from my trip.

This one’s for you my beloved Puerto Rico!!