When you come to a split, what will you decide?

Hello again!

Sometimes in life we may find ourselves in a situation that leaves us torn. Torn inside having a difficult time trying to decide.

We may feel that we need to do what’s right even though that may not bring complete happiness. Or perhaps it’s the thought of the unknown that scares us. Maybe we may know what we want but the thought of perhaps hurting someone in the process stops us from moving forward.

There are some that just deciding comes easy for them. They know. They choose. They move forward without being stuck. Than there are some that the thought process of deciding almost overwhelms them that they feel they can’t even get their thoughts together. They think and think and continue to think. They come up with some sort of decision but what happens, they think again. They become stuck, almost frozen, afraid to move forward.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed. In it the words “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” were written. In 2006, the movie Pursuit of Happiness came out. Dictionary.Com gives this definition for pursuit: an effort to secure or attain; quest: the pursuit of happiness, any occupation; pastime, or the like, in which a person is engaged regularly or customarily.

The question therein lies, if we get past being torn and decide, will we always still find ourselves in the pursuit of happiness?

What will we decide


Hello Again.

This week I chose the title Mimi. Some may wonder why? Well, to be honest, I was a little stuck on what to write about this week so I decided to write a little about myself. I want to apologize for this post being longer than usual.

For the longest, I dreamed of being a writer on top of being a wedding cake designer but one of the things that has always stopped me was DOUBT. This platform has given me the ability to write about things that I often times think about. To recap some of the titles I used, I will explain why they are dear to me.

The first that I wrote about was the question, Why. I chose that because I always find myself asking why? Why do some relationships change, why people can’t be more kind, why sometimes me as a person I don’t think I’m enough, why sometimes I don’t think I’m pretty enough, strong enough, wise enough you name it. Why sometimes people see things one way and refuse to see all sides. The list can go on. With all of that leads the doubt.

The truth is, that I think some people may struggle with the same thoughts. Now I am in no way trying to tell anyone what to feel but for me what I come to learn is that I have to be enough for me, feel pretty enough for me because at the end of the day no one can do it for me. Also, that if I continue to let doubt get in the way I will never let the opportunity of seeing full potential come in. It’s not easy. With each day new struggles and anxieties come but I need to keep growing.

The next title was love. I wrote about love for Puerto Rico but overall LOVE is such a fundamental value that I wish was taught more. In my mind love can supersede so many things but it requires action something that sometimes can be lacking.

Following that was hopelessly romantic. I spoke again from my viewpoint not that of others. Chivalry still exists, I know. Yes, it shouldn’t be one-sided. A few people mentioned that they felt it went away when women did not want to be seen as lesser. The question still on hand is, does it mean that we throw away the kindness of perhaps holding the door for someone, saying thank you, going on dates, having actual conversations? All because as a woman we don’t want to be seen as weak or less? Again, please, I am not saying that all women feel this way.

Lost, may have been one of the post that was most dear to me because I spoke about my dad. Some may have felt that I was trying to tell people how to feel or that they should move on. That was not the case. Losing my dad was extremely hard. I still deal with it. Everyday we may hear or see something that may remind us of our dear loved ones. For me it helped to let my feelings out.

Last but not least was beauty beyond darkness. Certainly, for me over the years there was a lot of things that took place that seemed dark but over time I can now see the beauty.

It takes a lot to put myself out there and to in a sense be raw about what I feel and think. For me it’s not easy and perhaps for others it may not be either. I think that for me as long as I continue to ask why and seek for understanding, continue to put love into my life for myself, continue to look past the loss and hold on to memories, continue to see that romance may not be dead after all, that just maybe after all of that I will still be able to see the beauty beyond the darkness.





Beauty Beyond Darkness

Can there really be beauty beyond the darkness?

Hello again!

The other day I was outside talking to a friend. We both looked up at the sky, as the day was coming into night and noticed a beautiful end to the sunset. I took a picture and when I showed her she went on to say how beautiful it was even though it was shining through the darkness of the trees.

We both got to talking and both agreed how even with darkness there will always be beauty.

See my friends sometimes in life, we may go through things/situations that at the time may seem dark. But, will we step back to see the beauty? The answer to that lies within us.

Some may go through a breakup. Maybe it will lead to a divorce. Maybe some are left broken inside. Some may be going through what at times can be an incurable disease. Or maybe it can be cured but you have to get through the darkness in order to fight it. Some may go through some sort of injustice. Some may still be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Some may still be healing from the effects from a natural disaster. Maybe some are at a job that they may not be so happy about. Maybe some are struggling with making ends meet. Maybe some are longing to be loved or to be in love!

All those things and more at some point will seem dark. One thing for sure is that through it the beaty will come. We will learn more about ourselves. We will become stronger. We may gain new friendships. We may make old friendships stronger. All and all we will learn to love ourselves and find the beauty within ourselves in a time that may seem dark.

This is for those who may at this time be going through the darkness. Take a moment and look beyond because just maybe you too will see the beauty beyond the darkness


Beautiful sunset falling beyond the dark trees in Woodbridge


Death, does time heal the pain?

I wanted to write about something that has somewhat shaped who I am today.

I lost my dad twenty years ago soon to be twenty-one. As with a lot of situations in life, some say time heals all wounds. But does it?

When my dad passed I lost a part of me. He never saw me graduate. He never saw me get my first job. He never saw other things that took place in my life. How can time heal that? How can time replace the fact that you will no longer see, feel or hear that person? One thing for sure is that time changes things but it may not heal things. I am not the same person. I had to in someway become someone else.

I have friends, family that have at one point lost someone dear to them. Some have been left alone by their loss. It changes you. Some may cry. Some may hold it in. Some may deal with it by doing something to mask the pain. Either way we are changed.

Some will say life goes on and yes that is true it does but it goes on while you learn to adjust becoming someone else. Yes , some of you stays the same but some of you doesn’t.

Different people have different beliefs and that is fine. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want. This is not being written to push any thoughts or beliefs on anyone but it is being written to let anyone that may read this know that it is ok if time didn’t heal your pain. That it is ok to cry, yell whatever just don’t mask the pain. Let it out. Talk it out. Write it out if need be but whatever you may choose just don’t hold it in.


Where did romance go?

Hello again!

Recently I found myself watching an episode of Sex in the City. Carrie went on to bring up the question have we become romance-intolerant?? The question is have we?

It seems that gone are the days when doors were opened, flowers were sent, dates were made, etc etc. The hopelessly romantic side in me wonders why is that the case?

We live in a time were texts has replaced a phone call, virtual flowers has replaced real flowers, staying home has replaced a night out. What happened to date nights? A good old-fashioned card whether given in person or sent in the mail barely happens. I remember a time when receiving a card or letter was a real treat. It meant that the person actually took the time to write something rather than sending what at times can be a very impersonal text. It’s more common today to see a conversation taking place with people having their eyes into their phones. Where did talking (I mean deep personal talking) go??

Now I am not by any means saying that everyone has fallen into this category because chivalry still exists among a few but why does it only have to be a few? And, yes, it needs to take place among two people in a relationship, not just one. It goes back to my page title, we live in a MEME world! Perhaps, why we don’t see chivalry as much.

It should be a new hashtag, #bringbackchivalry!

The hopelessly romantic in me will keep looking for it


Hello again!

I wanted to write about the recent event that took place in Puerto Rico. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico September 20th. It left just about the whole island without power. She took houses, lives, trees, bridges, etc.

Many have argued well Puerto Ricans are not U.S. citizens. Some will say they deserve nothing. Some will say they deserved what they got.

While I will not make this a post about politics or race, I will say that regardless of the two they are still people. They are part of mankind or humankind, whatever you’d prefer. Which ever you choose in both words exists the word “kind”. Something that sad to say barely exists. I chose love as my title because if love and kindness existed more maybe today would be a better place.

For me it is from Puerto Rico that I came into existence. My parents are from there. I still have lots of family there and while they really didn’t lose too much materially emotionally and mentally they lost a lot.

I was there just about a year ago and while my memories are beautiful sad to say they may just be that memories. I do not know the extent of the damage done to some of the places I’ve been but below you will find some pictures of my sights as I remember them from my trip.

This one’s for you my beloved Puerto Rico!!


Hello! My name is Miriam Reid. Though writing is not new to me, writing in this way is.

I hope with this new way of writing I am able to help myself by growing within my thoughts but perhaps help others who may find themselves in the same situation.

I chose to title my first entry….WHY. Why, you may ask. The answer because at some point in our every day life we ask ourselves why.

Why? Perhaps we may never know.

The title of my site is It’s a MIMI (MEME) World. My nickname is Mimi but also as things in this world become worse and worse we find ourselves living in a mi/me time. Everything or everyone at some point is all about self.

Which leads back to the title…..Why?

Maybe as I write more and more the answer to that at least from my perspective will be answered.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you will be back for more.