May 18



Hope all my readers are doing well.

May 18th, some may wonder?

I will not get into specifics but I wanted to say this, that each day or time, may be significant to one or another, for varies reasons.

For some it may be a beginning. Others, an end. For me, it’s neither a beginning or an end but a memory. Sometimes, with memories, we may not know how to feel or deal with the memory. Maybe, we wanted things to turn out different. Maybe, we don’t know how to move on from the memory. In either case, the picture that is posted is very significant.

It was sent to me by someone who will always be in my life no matter what or how the road turns or how bad the darkness may get. It was sent as a reminder that though there may have been a storm, what comes after may be just as beautiful. That picture shows light. Sometimes, things may seem dark but as I wrote before, at some point if you allow, there will be beauty beyond the storm and darkness.

In harmony with talking about darkness and seeing beauty, I will leave you all with this excerpt from what I think is my favorite book now

“i kept running away from my darkness until i understood that in it i would find my freedom” by Yung Pueblo-inward

So if the road turned without you seeing it, or maybe you did see the turn but didn’t imagine it to take you in a certain direction, and things seem blurry or dark, wait for it.

The beauty will come!

Hope you all enjoyed.





Time. Is how you use it important?


I hope all is well with everyone reading. Today where I am, we find ourselves in yet another snow storm. I’m over this weather but anyway, let’s get to the topic on hand. 21! You may ask, what is 21?

21 years ago on this day, at 9:23am my dad was pronounced dead. As I mentioned before in my post titled “LOST” it changed my life. I won’t get into the ways it did but what I wanted to touch on was time.

Time can change things from good to bad, bad to good, pretty to ugly or ugly to pretty. How we choose that time is what matters. Sometimes we may hear, well I didn’t get the chance or time to do or say this or that. In reality for some and for the most part,we did get the time,  the difference I feel is that we didn’t take the time.

For a while, I found myself saying I didn’t get the chance to say some things to my dad. Now that I look back, I had I just didn’t use the time wisely. Some of us have the tendency to procrastinate, perhaps saying, I have later or tomorrow. But do we? I mean I hope we all live a life full of later’s and tomorrow’s. The point is that time can change. It changed for my dad and it changed for me.

So my friends, as you read this, take the time to really look at how you are using your time. Are you using it to make lasting memories or are you using it perhaps being worried about doing or becoming, only to maybe find yourself one day saying, “I wish I had taken the time”. (Again please know that I am by no means telling anyone how or what to do with your time because at the end of the day it is that, your time.)

In time I do hope to get into fashion as well as some other topics but for now I hope you enjoyed. If you liked what you read, Please feel free to leave a comment or hit the follow or like buttons.

Thank you!


Mimi World


What comes to mind when you think of the word foreign?

Hello everyone!

Hope everyone is doing well.

You may be wondering why the title “foreign”? Perhaps what comes to mind is being from another country and if so you are partially right. Dictionary.Com gives as one of its definitions as strange or unfamiliar.

I say all that to say this that we are all foreign to each other even if we come from the same place. That’s the beauty of it. The beauty is that while some me see foreign as a negative thing it really doesn’t have to be.

It’s sad that we live in a time where people look at others in a horrible way simply because of how they look from the outside. People judge others based off of what they may have heard or what in their mind they perceive someone to be, why, well perhaps because it is foreign.

When we start something new, perhaps a new job, in some way it is foreign. We may know a little but as time goes by and we learn, what may have seemed foreign, may no longer seem that way. What’s the key, well it’s that we learn.

Take time to get to learn about others. Maybe something about them can’t be changed but maybe we can change the way we see. By doing so perhaps, what may have seemed foreign, may turn out to be beautiful.

Hope you guys enjoyed.



Day 28

Day 28 into this new book we are all writing

Hello again!

Hope all is well with you all. So we are 28 days into this new book that we have. I hope that for you all it is going well thus far.

I picked day 28 to write because when you add the numbers up it brings you to ONE! ONE is you/me. One is who we are before anything.

Recently a friend of mine wrote about self-love. Sometimes in life we may forget about what’s important first-you. It does not have to be a selfish thing. Self-love is important because without it how can we really love others?

We build relationships with others, among others and it’s easy to just forget about being one. We almost forget who we were when we were one. (Now Please I am by no means saying that this happens to everyone or that we should start being selfish)

Take some time for yourself. Take some time to learn about yourself. Take time for anything that will make you a better-one!

This is short and sweet only because I jut wanted to focus on one thing and one thing only-you/me becoming a better one so that essentially together we will all become one!

So continue in the journey of writing your book and may each day/chapter become a better ONE.


MeMe world


What will you put in the box? What layers will you add?

Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I posted so I apologize for the inconsistency. Some things have been going on personally, to not feeling well and having writers block I kind of haven’t been in a writing mood. But anyway this is something I had been thinking about hope you enjoy!

A couple of years ago I went to a wedding. The officiate during the ceremony held up a glass box. He said it was a gift for the couple. He went on to say that even though the glass box was pretty on its own what you decide to put in it can only enhance the beauty. He than went on to say that as a couple from the outside they looked beautiful but what they decide to put into their marriage will only enhance the beauty. He finished by saying that the box was empty and the marriage will be too unless they put what was needed to make it last.

That leads to my thought. In life we may come across different relationships whether within a marriage/ significant other or a relationship between friends. In the beginning they are really just an empty box in a sense. It’s up to the individuals to put something into the relationship.

Every one is different and everyone wants different things out of a relationship however, I think that most will agree that there are some fundamental components no matter the kind of relationship. I’m not an expert by any means nor am trying to tell anyone what would be best for your relationship.

I think that sometimes we hear way too often that we aren’t getting this or that but perhaps you can ask yourself what are you putting into the box or are you taking too much out and not replenishing the box that it soon finds itself empty?

I love to dress up. So when you think about any relationship is like dressing up in a sense. You add layers to an outfit so likewise, layers need to be added. It can be communication, trust, honesty, loyalty, forgiveness, determination, patience, understanding, love. These are just a few that come to my mind. I was talking with my cousin and she mentioned fear. I said “why fear”? She said “fear because stepping into something new is scary. It’s  changing or modifying your own life to fit someone else’s”. We both agreed it’s a balance. I think while it can be scary and fear may creep in it’s a good fear.

I have had the privilege to learn things along the way. I’ve been able to learn from past mistakes and can now see where I’ve went wrong.

So when it’s all said and done, ask yourself whether it’s your personal relationship between your spouse or significant other or a relationship between you and someone you call a friend, what are you going to put in the pretty box on a continuous basis? What layers will you add to the relationship?

Thank you


Mimi World

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