Day 28

Day 28 into this new book we are all writing

Hello again!

Hope all is well with you all. So we are 28 days into this new book that we have. I hope that for you all it is going well thus far.

I picked day 28 to write because when you add the numbers up it brings you to ONE! ONE is you/me. One is who we are before anything.

Recently a friend of mine wrote about self-love. Sometimes in life we may forget about what’s important first-you. It does not have to be a selfish thing. Self-love is important because without it how can we really love others?

We build relationships with others, among others and it’s easy to just forget about being one. We almost forget who we were when we were one. (Now Please I am by no means saying that this happens to everyone or that we should start being selfish)

Take some time for yourself. Take some time to learn about yourself. Take time for anything that will make you a better-one!

This is short and sweet only because I jut wanted to focus on one thing and one thing only-you/me becoming a better one so that essentially together we will all become one!

So continue in the journey of writing your book and may each day/chapter become a better ONE.


MeMe world



What will you put in the box? What layers will you add?

Hello Again!

It’s been a while since I posted so I apologize for the inconsistency. Some things have been going on personally, to not feeling well and having writers block I kind of haven’t been in a writing mood. But anyway this is something I had been thinking about hope you enjoy!

A couple of years ago I went to a wedding. The officiate during the ceremony held up a glass box. He said it was a gift for the couple. He went on to say that even though the glass box was pretty on its own what you decide to put in it can only enhance the beauty. He than went on to say that as a couple from the outside they looked beautiful but what they decide to put into their marriage will only enhance the beauty. He finished by saying that the box was empty and the marriage will be too unless they put what was needed to make it last.

That leads to my thought. In life we may come across different relationships whether within a marriage/ significant other or a relationship between friends. In the beginning they are really just an empty box in a sense. It’s up to the individuals to put something into the relationship.

Every one is different and everyone wants different things out of a relationship however, I think that most will agree that there are some fundamental components no matter the kind of relationship. I’m not an expert by any means nor am trying to tell anyone what would be best for your relationship.

I think that sometimes we hear way too often that we aren’t getting this or that but perhaps you can ask yourself what are you putting into the box or are you taking too much out and not replenishing the box that it soon finds itself empty?

I love to dress up. So when you think about any relationship is like dressing up in a sense. You add layers to an outfit so likewise, layers need to be added. It can be communication, trust, honesty, loyalty, forgiveness, determination, patience, understanding, love. These are just a few that come to my mind. I was talking with my cousin and she mentioned fear. I said “why fear”? She said “fear because stepping into something new is scary. It’s  changing or modifying your own life to fit someone else’s”. We both agreed it’s a balance. I think while it can be scary and fear may creep in it’s a good fear.

I have had the privilege to learn things along the way. I’ve been able to learn from past mistakes and can now see where I’ve went wrong.

So when it’s all said and done, ask yourself whether it’s your personal relationship between your spouse or significant other or a relationship between you and someone you call a friend, what are you going to put in the pretty box on a continuous basis? What layers will you add to the relationship?

Thank you


Mimi World

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Can you find the warmth in the cold?

Hello again!

The past few days have been cold and we are only a few weeks into winter.

Some people like the cold and snowy weather but for me personally I can’t stand it. As I get older,  the more and more I just dislike it.

Some days it feels like you can’t put enough on to feel warm. When it snows, however, I will admit it looks pretty as it falls but then comes the aftermath.  Salt gets everywhere. As it starts to melt, it gets slushy and messy For a person who likes to where different shoes, the snow is just not the best thing for it.

Today it is snowing again and although I may feel how I feel about it,  there is something that seems very calming about it to me. It looks pure, clean and almost magical as its falling. Almost like a clean slate until you step in it of course.

While the temperatures have been quite cold, somehow something about it seems warm. Warm because as I think about it I’m alive. I am able to see, feel, hear, walk, something that perhaps some may not be able to do.

It’s amazing that although the temperatures may be cold and it may feel very cold, somehow warmth can be achieved.

The thought that comes to mind is this, if it’s possible to find warmth literally why can’t we find warmth figuratively?

At this time I think about those that may be going through something that may seem cold. Whatever the situation it may feel like it’s freezing, like you will never see the warmth, but just like winter comes and goes, so will the times of coldness come and go as well!

As the new year has started, maybe there have been things that have gone on that you wonder will they change? Maybe it’s a relationship that needs to be mended, perhaps within the family. Maybe it’s a job change that you’ve been fearing. Maybe it’s finally starting something that you’ve dreamed of starting. Maybe it’s your health or financial situations that you’ve been struggling with. We can probably go on and on.

Whatever it is, find the warmth in it because just like the snow will melt and warmer days are soon to come, so will things in life change. At the moment they may feel cold but hopefully in time and with effort, they too will get better and warm.

Thank you

Stay Warm!


Mimi World